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Job position: Adviser (in Swedish)

Job position: Adviser (in Swedish). [UPPDATERING: Antalet sökande är mycket stort och vi kommer inte hinna träffa fler innan sommaren. Vi tar ej emot fler ansökningar nu. Tack alla som sökt!] Vi söker nu en juniorkonsult till vårt huvudkontor i … Continue reading

Pär Uhlin steps up as Managing Partner

Pär Uhlin steps up as Managing Partner Starting from November, Pär Uhlin is Managing Partner at Six Year Plan. Pär joined Six Year Plan in September after more than 15 years in China, helping clients with strategic communications and business … Continue reading

New colleage: Pär Uhlin, partner and senior adviser

New colleage – Pär Uhlin, partner and senior adviser Pär is a trusted adviser to international and Swedish companies on communications, reputation management and business and organizational development with a special focus on challenges companies meet as part of their … Continue reading

New book: Trust and Transparency – Doing Business in a Multipolar World

We at Six Year Plan have written a book describing some of the key challenges companies face in the global market. The book is based on our own experiences and conclusions from client work in Europe, China and India. It … Continue reading