New book: Trust and Transparency – Doing Business in a Multipolar World

We at Six Year Plan have written a book describing some of the key challenges companies face in the global market. The book is based on our own experiences and conclusions from client work in Europe, China and India. It is also based on interviews with a number of clients and partners in these markets. This book describes the basis for the business development advice and services that we offer our clients.

Successful global companies need to be true local players in these rapidly growing markets, with regards to management and talents, product and service adaptation, R&D, and stakeholder relations. At the same time companies also have to be true to their roots and values.

This is no easy task. In addition, western values are now being challenged by competing value systems of other regions in the world, growing in economic importance. Thus, global companies will more frequently face moral dilemmas and be forced to make hard choices.

But there is nowhere to hide anymore in this world where internet and media development raise expectations on increased transparency. Companies will not get away with double standards. Decisions will be public and scrutinized – both at home and abroad.

Thus, we believe that the only sustainable answer for companies who want to be trusted by their stakeholders is to take a clear stand on moral issues relevant to their business, be able to defend their position, be proud of their business, and to communicate reality as it is.

On the other hand: millions – or even billions – of people being lifted out of poverty will create ever greater business opportunities. Success will come to those companies who understand the needs of these societies and new consumers and are able to handle the cultural differences in a wise way.

Six Year Plan


We will make the book digitally available right here on our website, chapter by chapter, during the fall of 2014, below. If you want your own printed copy of the entire book (150 SEK), kindly contact Nisse Hansen. If you would like to discuss the content with any of the authors, kindly contact them individually: Birgitta Ed, Patrik Lockne, Henrik Sjöberg and Göran Thorstenson.

Right-click the link and choose “Save target as” or “Save link as” for the PDF version.

>>>Trust and Transparency – Doing Business in a Multipolar World (PDF 8 mb) <<<

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